This Tip in the series ‘What are the MLM basics for online marketing’ is all about YOU. Because when you come online to market your MLM business, you don’t actually market your business, you market YOU. Online we use Attraction Marketing to attract leads to us rather than the outdated methods of contacting our family and friends. To understand Attraction Marketing, you need to read Mike Dillard’s book ‘Magnetic Sponsoring’. Mike will explain to you the whole concept of Attraction Marketing, so you can understand how to position yourself.

In learning the MLM basics for online marketing, branding yourself is one of the most important and fundamental things you need to do. Those who fail to do this and start to pitch their business to everyone they know and plaster pictures of their juice all over will end up with very few friends on the social sites. People hate being sold to, but they love to buy. They just want the freedom to choose what they buy.

So forget everything you were taught in the old school of MLM, and start ‘branding yourself’. This may sound strange or uncomfortable at first; you may want to hide behind your brand. But eventually you will discover that everyone who is marketing online, irrespective of age or gender is marketing this way. People buy from people they know, like and trust. So you need to be seen and you need to connect with people.

The way to do that is to be valuable to people. Do not try to pitch you business, but instead offer any help you can give. Try to always give value. You may worry you have nothing to give, but you give away information. As you start to learn about marketing on the internet, you share it with others. This starts to brand you as a leader or a trainer. It also reinforces what you have just learnt, because you are writing about it or doing a video about it.

You also need to consider your brand when you buy domain names for your websites. Your main website or capture page is usually your brand. You need to put some thought and perhaps some research into the domain name, and see what is available.

For your blog, most people use their own name. This is fine if you have an unusual name, but if your name is more popular, it may not be available. In this case you would add something to it, such as WhoIs….. or WorkWith…. You need to get your name out there as much as possible, so think about every site (such as Facebook or Twitter) you join and try to incorporate your name in your site name.

All this will help you to begin branding, ‘YOU INC’!